Summer 2013 

KellieAnn Halvorsen
Student - Salt Lake Community College
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Summer 2012 

 Fall 2012 


Welcome! To my ePortfolio, an online portfolio of reflections and assigments from my studies as Salt Lake Community College. To view a pdf file of papers, just click on the links provided. 
 Spring 2013 

Fall 2014
  • Convergence In Media: Social Impacts
While Convergence of Media might be a hard concept to
 pin down, it is not a hard thing to see the impact that this
 phenomenon has had on our lives over the past few 
decades. Information and media has converged into newer 
and more connected channels as well as forms of media 
content and that fact has made us more connected globally. 
Explore the impact Media Convergence has had in this pdf. 

Spring 2015
Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Assign 1: Magazine Layout 
This by far was my favorite assignment to work on in this class. Not only did I learn a new computer program, InDesign, but I was able to stretch my creative self a bit farther as I wrote the magazine article as if I was the fictional journalist Lois Lane. I wanted to reflect Lois Lane's more serious level of reporting, incorporating maps and ancient art into the piece in stead of fluffy entertainment. To show the fictional character Wonder Woman as a person of power and mystery. I choose some stellar work of a favorite artist of mine, including some fun easter-eggs for DC comics fans including photography by James Olsen and a side story by Cat Grant. 

  • Assign 2: Media Campaign Media 
As a culmination of  the skills learned within this course, we were asked to create 5 different pieces of media as a group for a non-profit organization that would benefit SLCC students. We choose to do the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) Tour De Cure, a bike ride that raises funds for the ADA's programs. I choose to do the Poster and was able to create a fun, bright, inviting piece that asks SLCC students to join the fictional SLCC Tour De Cure team. Because it is to be posted on SLCC campuses I used SLCC style guide and incorporated ADA's logos. I was able to challenge myself artistically with the use of my photo shop skills and am proud of the out come.