Massage 101: 
$90/60 minutes (only one partner is worked on), $115/90 minutes, $140/120 minutes

Learn the basics of massage therapy as a couple in a private tutorial. Includes lecture and hands-on training for each partner, where one partner works on the other alongside the therapist. Can be adapted to learn: infant massage, pregnancy massage, or specific techniques to address specific problems, chronic pain, or preferred massage type.

Lesson Covers:

  • The benefits of Massage.
  • Medical Precautions
  • Basic massage strokes and relaxation techniques.
  • Proper: Draping, lotion/oil use, and body mechanics for the practitioner.

Clients receive an instruction guide and remaining lotion after the session. A Massage Flame Candle upgrade is available for your gifted lotion for an extra $9, (a $16 value, subject to availability).

Halvorsen is accepting new clients.
~ No Sunday of Friday Appointments ~ Tipping is appropriate and appreciated ~

Please note:
  • Time listed is the allotted appointment slot, not the "hands-on" time.  For example, an hour scheduled block includes about 50 minutes of massage, with ten minutes for set-up, getting on/off the table, and the intake form/conversation process.  
  • Most Appointments are a-dollar-a-minute unless listed. Deep-tissue Fee is $10 an hour. A $10 an hour Saturday fee. Out-of-Area appointments are available, but clients are asked to tip with the extra travel-time/expense in mind.
  • Payment is due at the time-of-service in the form of cash, check, or Venmo. Credit card processing is available using PayPal but must be processed before the session.
  • Insurance billing is not available, but Halvorsen can provide a receipt for you to submit the information yourself. The client is responsible for knowing if your insurance/health spending covers the massage session.
  • Clients "Lock-in" their rate at the rate of their first appointment, this does not include discounted or special prices.
  • The best way to book an appointment is to text Halvorsen at 801-809-6444. Please check for availability first.
  • Please view the details page for terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and more.

Massage and Bodywork:

Swedish Massage: $60/60 minutes, $90/90 minutes, $120/120 minutes
This classic form of massage is not only highly relaxing but helps increase circulation, soothe away aches and relax the whole body. Perfect for mild aches or just to unwind and escape from the stress of life. Infant, pediatric, geriatric and oncology massages are available at this price; please contact Halvorsen for information regarding these types of session. 

Deep Tissue/Sports/Medical Massage: $70/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes
(This is a fee of $5 every half hour)
This is a great form of massage to really do something about knots and chronic pain. Deep Tissue pressure can cause discomfort while the damaged tissue is being worked on, but the benefits are definitely worth it! Deeper or more specific massage strokes help to release more toxins and assist in the process of retraining the muscle back to a healthy tone.

Lymphatic Massage: 60/60 minutes, $90/90 minutes
This ultra-light modality skillfully executed drains excess fluids, increases white blood cell counts and boosts the natural immune system in the body. A relaxing 25-minute Lymphatic Massage Facial is also available as an add-on to the end of most sessions, listed below.

Pre-natal Pregnancy Massage: $60/60 minutes, $90/90 minutes, $120/120 minutes
Massage during pregnancy helps Mom by soothing new aches and improving circulation. Done in a side-lying position. Please include any relevant medical information when booking an appointment.

Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage: $70/60 minutes, $105/90 minutes
This Eastern form of massage form Ancient Japan and helps balance the flow of “CHI” in the body as the practitioner follows acupressure points with a rhythmic flow. This modality is fully clothed and a great way to introduce someone to massage. A relaxing 25-minute Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage Facial is also available as an add-on to the end of most sessions, listed below.

Reflexology Treatment: $70/60 minutes
This treatment starts with a soothing 10-minute mineral foot bath while the reflexology points of the hands are being worked, and is followed by 40-minutes of pampering the feet while working on their reflexology points.

Seated Massage: $60/60 minutes
Boost attendance at your event or have a special treat for your guests at your next party. Everybody enjoys a massage and even a few minutes can help in tremendous ways. Tipping is still appropriate with seated massage; so let your guest know ahead of time or kindly offer a tip yourself. 
Spa Treatments and Add-ons:

​Heat Treatment Add On- stones, towels, or mixture: $20
Must have 24-hour notice. Heated towels, stones, or both add a level of luxury to your session as well as increases the benefits of the massage. Heat allows for deeper penetration of the knots, increase blood flow, and an overall more effective session.

Lymphatic or Shiatsu/Acupressure Massage Facial Massage Add-on: $20/30 Minutes
Close your massage session with a soothing facial that helps drain away excess fluids and increase lymph flow, or to balance the flow of “CHI” in your neck, head, and shoulders.

Body Butter: $7
Rich and moisturizing, body butter helps hydrate rough skin and leaves you feeling pampered and smooth.

Aroma Therapy: $5
Special essential oils are incorporated into the session helping set the session for relaxation. Common aromatherapy combinations: Sleepytime Chamomile/Lavender, Relaxing Spearament/Eucalyptus, Energetic Orange/Bergamont or customize your own from available scents. 


Deep Tissue Fee: $10 an hour
Deep tissue pressure can be added to most sessions for a fee.

Saturday Appointment Fee: $10 an hour
The Saturday appointment fee is non-negotiable. Please try to book Saturday appointments in advance. 

There is a cancellation fee, per client, if the appointment slot is canceled within 24-hours before the appointment and the time slot is not re-booked by another client. This fee does not apply to emergency situations. 

Collection fee: $10
Payment is due at time of service; if payment is not made at the session completion a $10 Collection Fee will be added to your bill. This collection fee is subject to increase if payment is not made in a timely manner.

Out-of-Area Fee:
Out-of-Area appointments may be available, but clients are asked to tip with the extra travel-time/expense in mind.