Client Testimonials

Skillfull Healing Experience
"Back in August while training heavily with weights and doing cardio for an upcoming Climb in the Tetons, I strained some muscles in my neck and shoulders. I kept thinking it would loosen up and the muscles would release on their own, but as the date for the climb rapidly approached, the muscles were still locked up. It was hard to even turn my head all the way from side to side. 
I called KellieAnn with a last minute request for some massage therapy and she was great about juggling her schedule to help me before my departure. By the time I went to bed that evening after the MT session with Kellie, the muscles had completely released, and by departure time for the vacation and climb the next morning I felt good as new. The climb was successful and so much more enjoyable, thanks the MT help I received from her. She is a skilled, and experienced, LMT who works hard at creating a positive and healing environment for her clients. I strongly recommend Kellie for your LMT needs. " 
- Greg, Sandy UT

Knowledgeable and Relaxing
"KellieAnn is incredible! We try to have her come twice a month to help reduce the stress in our lives. She is one of the most knowledgeable massage therapists that we have encountered. She seems to “magically” find all of the knots and stress points and leave you feeling completely relaxed. We would recommend her to anyone (and we have!) that is looking for the perfect massage".
- Jon & Sally, South Jordan UT

Professional and Doesn't Push Products
"I happened upon Kellie Ann's website as I was searching for massage therapists who come to your home. I had never met her before but decided to give her a shot. WOW am I PLEASED. I own my own business and sit at a sewing machine all day, so I am constantly dealing with back aches that lead to migraines.
 I now have Kellie Ann come once a week and since I have been seeing her, the migraines are GONE! My back feels sooooo much better too. She works those knots like a champ! She is absolutely amazing. She is super professional, pleasant to be around, and is very easy to work with. I have had several of my friends come to my house to receive massages because she is so amazing. Every person I had come were extremely impressed with her pressure and professionalism. 
She will massage as deep or as light as you want. She knows you are there for relaxation and makes sure she tells you so. She doesn't talk about off-subject things unless you instigate it, which is a huge plus . Nothing is worse than getting a massage and feeling like you have to carry on a conversation with the therapist. Sometimes we chat (becuase I instigate it), other times I don't say a word. Each time it is comfortable. Anyway, I could write a novel, but the point is, TRY KELLIE ANN Won't be disappointed!!!! She is one of the best things that have happened to me :).
Oh, one more thing. She doesn't push you to try doTerra Oils or anything of the like. I have been to a couple of therapists who spent 15 minutes telling me how I need oils, or some sort of home remedies, etc. She doesn't do that. A++++"
-Britini, Riverton UT

Relief from Chronic Pain
 "KellieAnn is an amazing massage therapist! With my job requiring heavy lifting and strenuous physical activity, her massages on an ongoing basis have really helped me get through the physical pain that is brought on by my job. I would recommend KellieAnn to anyone seeking relief from chronic pain". 
-Rebecca, Riverton UT

Easing the Discomfort of Pregnancy
“Being Pregnant with my second child I was not the most comfortable woman on the planet. With low back pain, sciatica in my legs and swollen ankles and feet I know I had to do something to ease the discomfort. I have  had several massages from KellieAnn before, but was a little nervous about trying a pregnancy massage for the first time. 
I went into the appointment not sure what to expect having never done a side-lying massage before. But KellieAnn was ready with all the equipment and clear instructions for me to position myself, It was not awkward at all, but similar to how I had learned to sleep during my pregnancies. She was able to work on my sciatica, ease discomfort in my back, and even help with the swollen legs and feet. I felt so rested afterwards and it's effects lasted well into the next month, even with the stress of a growing child on my body. I only wish I had gone to see her during my first pregnancy!”
-Yvette, Saratoga Springs UT