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-Discovery channel has some amazing tools to help you understand how the body works. Check it out.



Why? Should be your favorite word
As a child I pestered my parents with the same question over and over again.  

I wanted to understand the world around me and was not afraid to do what ever it took to learn the answers.  From memerizing children's encyclopedias and boring my siblings watching college courses on PBS, to going above and beyond in the dissecting lab in high School Biology. I have learned to love to learn, and even learned to love to teach.

Take a moment and learn about why Massage can work for you.
-Kellie Ann Halvorsen
Really Want to Learn about Massage? 
Book a Lesson!
Massage 101:  $80/80min, $100/100min

Learn the Basics of Massage as a couple in an private and ethical tutorial. Includes lecture and hands on training for each partner, where one partner works on the other along side the therapist. Can be adapted to learn: Infant Massage, Pregnancy Massage, or specific techniques to address a specific problem, chronic pain, or preferred type of massage.
Lesson covers:
  • The benefits of Massage
  • Medical Precautions
  • Basic Massage Strokes & Relaxation Techniques
  • Proper: Draping, lubrication, and body mechanics.