KelllieAnn Halvorsen 
Licensed massage Therapist (LMT) 
Board Certified Massage Therapist(NBCTMB) 
Since 2006

Halvorsen has been practicing massage since 2006 and loves the career she has chosen.  Her passion is not to just help ease the discomfort, stress and pain in others, but to educate them on how to take care of their body, mind, heart and spirit.  As a child she enjoyed learning about how the human body works and planned on going into the medical field, when a friend suggested at the age of 14 for her to go into massage therapy she knew that was her calling.
Halvorsen graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School with a 4.0 and a Healing Arts Certificate in 2006. She has enjoyed sharing the nurturing and knowledge received there with others as she has worked with several spas and countless individuals in the Salt Lake Valley. In the fall 2007 she choose to volunteer for 18 months, and served a full-time proselyting mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Canada Toronto East Mission. This experience in the most multi-cultural city in the world has given her a love and appreciation for every individual, no matter what culture, religion, or background. 

Creativity is important in Halvorsen's life and from a young age she has been found on stage, singing, acting, directing, or covered in paint. She has been volunteering since the age of 11 with the Riverton Arts Council giving her the chance to build, create, and inspire. She graduated from high school with several awards in theater including the Utah Theater Association Thespian of the Year, Junior of the Year and Lettering in Theater. She spends much of her free time writing and several of her short stories and prose have been featured in Salt Lake Community College's literary magazine.

Halvorsen received a Mass Communication Associates of Science with an Emphasis in Communications Technology from Salt Lake Community College in 2015 and is currently working towards a Communications Bachelors of Science in the Strategic Communications Sequence at the University of Utah. She plans on finding a second career in the world of public relations and publicity upon graduation while continuing her massage practice. 
Yet another blizzard, Canada 2007.
Halvorsen and parents at Disneyland, 2011
Halvorsen second row far left.  "Hairspray", 2010.
It is important to enjoy your work. Halvorsen does.
In the fall of 2013 Halvorsen self-published her first book in a children's series designed to introduce children to the Performing Arts. "Ellie the Drama Princess: A Child's Introduction to the Theater Process" was quickly picked up as curriculum material for a charter school that provides materials for homeschooling across multiple states. The book is available in print for $18 plus shipping and handling, and as an ebook for $4.99.
Halvorsen's family is avid Disneyland fans and spend as much of their time as possible romping around that wonderful land with pirates, princesses and Mickey Mouse. She spends most of her free time with friends and family, playing with her Jack Russell Terrier, drawing, creating, singing, and reading the classics.  
Illustration from Halvorsen's  "Drama Princess" book. Illustrated by Caitlyn Neilson. 2013.
Halvorsen graduates from SLCC, 2015.
 <---- Halvorsen loves being an aunt and doggy parent.
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